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How to deal with soaring energy prices?


In view of the current conflict in Ukraine, energy prices have risen sharply. It is more important than ever to optimise energy performance.

Today, the issue of thesecurity of energy supplies is a big question in the wake of the Ukrainian conflict.

France depends on Russia for almost 20% of its gas supply, but other countries like Germany depend on it for 50%. The price increase is due to a shortage of resources, as there are few suppliers to replace Russian suppliers, and American gas is very expensive to export. 

In order to cope with this shortage, restrictions must be put into place. Industries will have to limit their energy use and adopt a behaviour of maximum optimization of energy performance in order to face these major economic challenges.

The current economic situation related to the Ukrainian crisis shows that energy dependence on a small group of energy producers and decision-makers is a danger to the world's economic stability because of the direct impact of energy. This, coupled with the global increase in energy prices due to the decreasing availability of global resources, makes the empowerment and energy optimisation of French and European industries a major long-term challenge for their sustainability.

What are the long-term solutions and how can they be achieved?

Today, a long-term solution would be to reduce energy dependency and to strengthen energy savings.

However, this objective cannot be achieved without a progressive, constant and well articulated approach in order to take advantage of all the levers to optimise energy management.

In fact, several types of technical solutions are available to us to move towards energy independence:

- Making savings through optimised use and maintenance of existing systems and structures

- Renovating/replacing structures, systems and processes to guarantee performance through the quality of equipment selection,

- Diversifying energy supply sources by implementing energy systems capable of generating energy (systems for optimizing energy flows by recovering waste energy, energy production facilities and/or efficient renewable energy production of green H2, etc.)

- Surrounding yourself with expertise and equiping yourself with real-time monitoring of consumption and energy performance in order to identify and remedy drifts and malfunctions

- etc.

Experienced, qualified and recognised professionals can guarantee your energy optimisation and accompany you in your transition.

ENEOR will be at the service of all to continue to trace the path towards energy independence and optimal performance.