ENEOR - Our values
Our values


Independence : Our business is strongly based on the trust that is with our Clients. Our advice and recommendations are to be totally objective and absent of interest other than those defined by our customers . Our independence is the guarantee of objectivity.

Rigor : Fundamental pillar of ENEOR. We are structured by discipline : teams and tools are in constant harmony. The rigor and credibility to our recommendations strengthened the bonds of trust with our clients.

Reactivity : Today, time is too expensive. We are committed to adapt quickly to the changing requirements of our customers. This quality makes us your gyroscope.


Quality : We want ENEOR to be primarily recognized for this value. We are structured towards this differentiation objective.

Innovation : We are in a relatively young surrounding in which the technology is changing everyday. Very sensitive to always being at the forefront of the latest technological innovations, ENEOR values them to put them at the service of its customers.

Commitment : Quality and innovation are words that can become trivial without a commitment behind it. ENEOR commits !