ENEOR - Who are we?
Who are we?


Set in Paris in the royal town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, ENEOR is an independent energy BET. Formed by a team involved, responsive, effective and balanced: there are allies the experience and maturity of Senior dynamism and enthusiasm of junior engineers.

ENEOR also has a vast metrological instrumentation  as well as of systems for the analysis and computer simulation of last generation, allowing to satisfy the projects more technically demanding.

As such, ENEOR provides :

• Knowledge and proven experience of all parameters affecting the energy performance : Implantation, architecture, envelope, systems and equipment
• A expertise in many areas: CAC, CFO, GTB, Building and Commercial Cold
• Expertise in the field of new energies : Olaire thermal and photovoltaic, geothermal energy, cogeneration, biomass and biogas.

These strengths allow ENEOR to propose global solutions optimized to achieve the best levels of technical performance, economic and comfort.
A long list of satisfied clients endorse us and motivates us to continue our journey.

What are the goals of ENEOR?

Our strategy is founded and directed towards achieving the following objectives :

1.- Occupy a place as a leader in the market of the engineering of energy optimization on the following benefits :

2.- That our customers will call us because they know that ENEOR will bring them an excellent level of technical competence, rigor and independence for engineering services with high added value.

3.- That high-level engineers join us and are remain faithful to ENEOR because there they find the best professional achievement.