G.E.M® - ENEOR Global Energy Manager

ENEOR's Global Energy Manager (GEM®) platform ®

We can offer you a high-performance monitoring platform for tracking and processing energy data , providing you with remote access to the whole team including the project manager, contract owner and operator.

Description of the platform

It is an open, real-time monitoring platform which is compatible with the majority of metering and building management system solutions on the market.This solution allows you, particularly as part of a park-type approach , to process, centralise and analyse consumption data, as well as identifying anomalies and guiding maintenance and operating actions via an alert system. It is also designed to integrate EPIs and the baseline information as defined  by ISO 50001..

The tool's features include: :

  • Monitor consumption data and all comfort parameters 
  • Add targets for performance, comfort, operating costs, etc. … 
  • Quickly identify gaps against pre-defined targets 
  • Configure your results: for example, consumption per m2, during opening hours, etc.…
  • Configure the type of report to best suit your requirements
  • Save and retain historic data for energy parameters
  • View and categorise buildings based on their performance
  • Track an M&V plan
  • Achieve tariff optimisation

A customisable dashboard

Each stakeholder in the energy management of buildings can use a personalised dashboard which is fully customisable. Detailed control of profiles and user access rights allow you to provide different user experiences and access levels according to the persons involved.

As a result, the dashboard of a technical manager may differ from the dashboard of a manager and access may be granted to all buildings or be limited to a specific building.

The platform and all of the data collected are accessible at any time for the contracting authority.

An analysis tool

The platform allows you to view, analyse and process a vast amount of energy or comfort data in a user-friendly and thorough manner.

A detailed analysis can be conducted for a  complex building (multiple sub-meters and frequency of data sampling) or for multiple buildings (management of buildings, management of tags and groups within the dashboards). This provides you with a better understanding of the buildings when managing and operating them, as well as allowing you to refine future studies.

In addition to monitoring energy consumption and trends, the ENEOR GEM platform allows you to assess energy bills and to run simulations using different tariff structures, facilitating tariff optimisation for an individual building or across all buildings.

On an estate-wide level, a  benchmark can be set at any time and viewed on a dynamic map. This allows you to compare and sort buildings according to their consumption or based on a fully configurable performance indicator (kWh/m², kWh/Degree Days, by hours of occupancy, customers, etc.). The power of this functionality allows you to prioritise your actions and to compare a large number of buildings using the same baseline.

The powerful analysis tools allow you to identify anomalies in consumption, using a variety of data process methods (heatmap-type matrix) or to efficiently define the performance of an energy system according to its conditions of use (linear or quadratic regressions).

A project management tool

The user-friendly display of the data allows the energy manager and the operations team to easily identify anomalies/deviations in consumption or usage. In this way, corrective actions can be initiated without delay, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the management. The effectiveness is even greater since the frequency of data collection allows for virtually real-time monitoring.

A system of  automatic reports for clear and efficient reporting. These reports are fully configurable and customisable. As a result, it is possible to create different types of reports depending on the profile of the recipient and to configure the frequency with which they  are sent.

Customisable and  automated alerts can be used to warn operating engineers as soon as anomalies in operation or consumption (particularly in relation to a target) are identified. This alert can be configured by email or by text message.

As part of the implementation of improvement plans, and to facilitate the tracking of benefits associated with an energy improvement initiative, it is possible to enter a benchmark (according to the definitions of IPMVP and ISO 50001) for energy usage and to automatically and transparently calculate, incorporating climatic (or operating) parameters, the energy savings achieved.