ENEOR - Renewable energy
Renewable energy


ENEOR can provide you with support from start to finish for your energy production projects based on new or renewable energy sources : Designproduction and operation.

  • Solar panels;
  • Solar heating;
  • Biomass.
  • Cogeneration;
  • Biomass.

We can provide you with technical studies for each phase, which are structured as follows:


  • Studies and scalling - choice of equipment
  • Drawing up of technical documents : Preliminary design, final design and technical specifications
  • Technical support for the project owner

Production :

  • Monitoring of works: Project owner implementation
  • Technical support

Operation :

  • Definition of the specifications for monitoring of energy performance
  • Audit and technical assessment of existing installations
  • Re-Commissioning

ENEOR also provides inspection services for existing electricity generation installations which use new or renewable energy sources, in order to provide you with practical solutions to correct faults and to provide energy optimisation for technical facilities.

We have technical expertise in the areas of heating and electricity which means we can manage in full any issues relating to renewables.