ENEOR - Energy audit transport
Energy audit transport

Energy Audit Transport

Having achieved 0607 Transport Audit certification from OPQIBI (the French engineering certification body), ENEOR is also able to provide you with its expertise with a view to improving the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of your business for transporting goods and/or people. 

This audit covers any means of transport:

  • Road;
  • Maritime;
  • Rail;
  • River;
  • Air.

It also includes any energy source which is used for transport operations, the different distances travelled (local, regional and long-distance transport) as well as anything which is carried (goods and people).

We deal with the individual circumstances in which a journey is made, regardless of the company (public or private) and whether or not it deals exclusively with transport.

The aims of conducting such an audit are:

  • To define the energy and CO2 performance indicators
  • To define a range of solutions for improving the energy performance and carbon footprint with the aim of quantifying the reductions associated with each of them
  • To draw up an action plan with the solutions which we are able to offer you after conducting this audit over a period of 3 years or more.

If you would like more information about our expertise, our engineers are available to answer any questions which you may have.