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Energy engineering

Energy Engineering

ENEOR supports you in your projects as the project owner or assistant to the project owner. In fact, we are often asked to implement the recommendations made following our energy audits. As an engineering consultancy firm, we mainly work in the fluids and heating sectors.

Our resources, both our staff and our software, allow us to set up a range of energy studies:

Dynamic heating studies

Crucial for understanding the behaviour of a building in relation to a number of different influencing factors (the outside temperature or the use of the premises), dynamic thermal simulations (DTS) are used to validate the correct design of a building and its systems. For greater flexibility, ENEOR uses the IES "VE" and Design Builder software packages.

DTS are also used to take a bioclimatic approach to the design of buildings, such as making use of free sources of energy or thermal inertia.

Statutory studies

Obtaining an energy performance certification or simply complying with heating regulations imposes a requirement for a standardised heating calculation, as described in the TH-BCE rules for calculating the compliance of buildings with the French energy efficiency regulation. To do this, we have a statutory software package called ClimaWin which allows us to carry out studies for the RT 2012 or the energy efficiency regulations for existing buildings. These are put into direct application on projects such as renovation feasibility studies to obtain energy performance certifications.

Lighting and illumination studies

  • Checking the levels of lighting and glare
  • Optimisation of lighting systems
  • Standardised calculations of the daylight factor using specialist software

Thermal comfort studies

As thermal comfort is our aim, ENEOR complies with French standard NF EN ISO 7730 and assess the PMV, PPD and WBGT scores. Our measurement tools add to these studies by analysing parameters such as the operating temperature or the air speeds in the rooms.

Optimisation of the building's envelope

Following diagnostics such as thermography, we are able to highlight and deal with a range of different issues with the envelope, such as poor thermal insulation or low airtightness.

Optimisation of energy systems

From generation to emissions, the systems are studied and scaled to provide the right balance between performance and the costs of the installation.

CFD simulations

The Design Builder software allows us to perform flow calculations for external and internal air flow.

New energy sources

As one of its core values is innovation, ENEOR proposes the implementation of new energy sources to its clients.

Assessments during the operational phase

As a result, we can be called on to design electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations. But since excellence in energy is not solely derived from a good design, we also provide support during the operating phase for expert assignments (commissionning or re-commissioning,electrical audits and plans M&V) and management assignments.


In addition, we like to share our experience and our passion for energy through training in the fields of electricity, HVAC, new energy sources and heating.