ENEOR - Electric diagnosis
Electric diagnosis

Electric Diagnosis

An electrical diagnostic or inspection provides a detailed review of your installation and allows you to:

1. Identify the causes of the most complex electrical technical faults;

2. Achieve energy optimisation of the facilities

The electrical diagnostic diagnostic performed by ENEOR begins from an analysis of your expectations in order to provide you with practical technical solutions to successfully realise your project.

The electrical diagnostic offered by ENEOR covers:

  • Detection and analysis of faults;
  • Analysis of design and sizing calculations for electrical installations;
  • Analysis of plans and wiring diagrams;;
  • Checks on the calibration of protective devices and the condition of the equipment installed;
  • Electrical measurements and tests::

                 * Harmonic distortion

                 * Power factor and displacement factor

                 * Demand (active, reactive and apparent)

                 * Voltage imbalance

                 * Short and long-term flicker

  • Thermographic analysis;
  • Verification of the compliance of installations with standards and regulations;
  • An overall summary of all of the analyses and actions in order to identify the causes of faults and to recommend solutions to improve the quality of the installations;
  • Tariff optimisation;
  • Optimisation of the energy performance of facilities :

                  * Internal lighting - External lighting - Public lighting

                  * High Voltage A/Low Voltage transformers - Electricity generating units

                  * Capacitor banks - Inverters - Generators

                  * Electrical motors (e.g. pumps, fans, etc.)

  • Support in achieving the best technical and financial balanceto bring your installation into compliance.

The electrical measurements are taken using compliant, certified and correctly calibrated tools..

ENEOR can therefore provide you with its expertise and skills to offer you an electrical diagnostic and assessment which meets your needs and expectations.