ENEOR - Commissioning

Energy commissioning for new building (CX)

Commissioning is a global used to check, test and validate the performance of a structure and its energy systems in order to ensure that they are operated optimally.

The methodology put in place for the commissioning of major certified operations allows ENEOR to provide quality quality control from the design, to the start-up and operationoperation of installations, so that they do indeed operate to their full potential.

In this way, the project owner is assured that all of the systems are designed, modelled, installed, tested, operated and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the project in terms of:

  • Performance
  • Maintainability
  • User comfort

ENEOR, as the Commissioning Authority, contributes to:

Defining and monitoring the aims of the project owner Analysis of working documents Overseeing training
Drawing up a commissioning plan Tracking of objectives Monitoring of consumption
Analysing the design documents Defining functional testing Overseeing seasonal testing
Defining performance Defining functional testing Recommending corrective actions in case of discrepancies.
Validation of functional specifications    

ENEOR offers tailored solutions for issues with the most widely-recognised environmental certifications :

  • LEED (Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems & Enhanced Commissioning: 2 credits)
  • BREEAM (MAN 1 – Commissioning: 2 credits)
  • HQE Operation

As well as the the BEPOS Effinergie Certification and the requirements of the GPEI charter(Intrinsic energy performance guarantee).

Re-commissioning (RCX)

ENEOR also provides tailor-made solutions solutions for all buildings which have particular requirements in terms of operation, performance or user comfort.

The metrology and the methodological framework for Re-Commissioning (also known as Retro-Commissioning or Continuous Commissioning) allow problems and corrective actions to be identified more precisely. This type of audit is systematically supported by tangible recommendations, monitored in general as the project owner , during which ENEOR puts into practice the principles of commissioning.