ENEOR - Energy Audit
Energy Audit

Energy audit

The energy audit proposed by ENEOR is used to identify potential energy savings in order to advise on resources to be put in place to reduce energy consumption. Our operating areas are: the service sector, the industrial sector, large-scale distribution, the hospitality industry, etc.

The level of detail of the energy audit can be tailored to meet your requirements. ENEOR is set up in a way that allows us to offer you a wide variety of services: from a pre-audit, a ;COE,assessment or a statutory audit right up to a very very structured and detailed full study of your buildings, your energy systems and your installations in order to:

• Identify the main energy consumption items to be optimised;

• Analyse the energy performance of the existing systems through the collection of data (modelling) and the use of digital modelling tools ;

• Perform a tariff optimisation calculation: the ERDF (French electricity distribution network) connection contract, reduction in the contracted connection power, etc.

Propose a variety of energy improvement scenarios for the building envelope and its equipment, based on the rate of return and the investment cost: using the using the TEC (capital enrichment rate) method from ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency ;

• Propose a variety of regulatory energy improvement scenarios: ENEOR's experience in regulatory heating optimisation, proven in the area of the low-energy building certification, helps us to perform quality inspections and to suggest optimisations to produce a building which performs better and which complies with the energy efficiency regulations (French energy efficiency regulations for existing buildings, 2005, 2012);

Assist you in achieving the best technical and financial balance for future buildings.


For the audits which we are appointed to perform, ENEOR uses its own measurement devices (certified and calibrated).

ENEOR has a wealth of expertise and a very experienced team which allows us to work with a range of different equipment and installations and to provide you with technical improvement solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

ENEOR's credentials  

ENEOR is registered on DIAGAEME, the website of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency for the financing of energy assessments.
(link : www.diagademe.fr )