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Environmental Consultancy

Environmental quality of buildings

Human activity is the main source of climate change and the deterioration of our ecosystem. To combat these effects, global and European agreements (Green Pact, Paris Agreements, etc.) have led to the implementation of several regulations with an ambition of making modern society more virtuous in the use of resources and in the preservation of ecosystems.

Through the "Climate and Resilience" law of the 22th of August 2021, France is committed to fighting climate change and strengthening resilience in order to speed up the ecological transition of society and the French economy.

ENEOR proposes to accompany you as an independent environmental consultancy, to provide you with studies and advice as an Assistant to the Contracting Authority (AMO) or within a project management team (MOE).



Experts in construction and renovation techniques and project management, ENEOR will guide you in defining your projects and your environmental ambitions, considering your convictions, your comfort requirements and the specific context of your project. We can audit your project and bring a critical eye, be a creative force, propose specifications make official your needs and assist you in the choice of the service providers who will carry it out.

In the case of environmental certifications, we ensure communication with the certifier and accompany you throughout the process until the final certificate is obtained.


Our simulation and calculation tools, our metrology and our experience enable us to guide the design towards the best environmental choices from the first sketches right through to operation.

We carry out all the regulatory studies (RT 2012, RT existing, RE 2020) and environmental studies (STD, ACV, FLJ) required to demonstrate environmental performance.



Sustainable construction,labels and certifications

Environmental certifications and labels are the trailblazers for tomorrow's regulations. ENEOR assists you in all your environmental procedures, whether certified or not, such as HQE, BREEAM, LEED, Effinergie, Passivhaus, E+C- and carries out the follow-up and associated environmental studies.

Performance énergétique 

At the heart of any environmental approach, energy performance is one of the main concerns of project owners.

ENEOR’s approach is based on bioclimatic design, even passive design, sobriety, efficient regulation and maintenance, user awareness, and monitoring of performance during operation.

ENEOR is the French pioneer and expert in commissioning and verification of real performance via the IPMVP protocol. Our experience in the field, our varied metrology and our specialized engineers enable us to participate in any project involving performance commitments.

Bas carbone

Low-carbon construction means moving away from concrete and steel, which have been the mainstays of the construction sector for a century. It also implies a definitive move away from fossil fuels and the massive promotion of renewable energies, in particular in the context of the recent RE 2020. Our calculation tools make it possible to use BIM models to make full use of the digital transition!

Utilisation raisonnée des ressources

ENEOR rationalizes and optimizes resource management through innovation and resilience. Our work include energy and drinking water consumption, management of green spaces and biodiversity, materials with low environmental impact, waste recovery and pollution prevention.

Confort, bien-être & santé 

Comfort promotes well-being, and therefore has a major impact on health, which is why ENEOR is keen to integrate a detailed approach to thermal, visual, acoustic and olfactory comfort into any environmental approach. This can be done in the context of a WELL-type of approach, which takes the reasoning one step further.