ENEOR - Tertiary


The benefits ENEOR panel is particularly suitable for commercial operations, either as part of larger projects, ambitious energy or under very specific energy optimization mission.

Speaking on behalf of the entire building, from its conception to its operation, ENEOR expertise guarantees a rigorous and thorough approach to act on all components of the actual energy performance.

This results in a wide range of design support missions the construction and operation of commercial buildings.

AMO Energy Driven energy audit
Electrical engineering Regulatory feasibility BBC-reno
Regulatory feasibility BBC Re-commissioning
Commissioning Optimized operation
New energy sources Energy Management

 ENEOR regularly intervenes in the framework of projects HQE, BBC, LEED and BREEAM ; certifications in which our services are routinely valued.

In operation, ENEOR helps its customers to improve their performance in the context of ISO 50001 certifications or HQE Exploitation, green leases or by the definition and implementation of corrective action programs. 

In a challenging real estate environment, energy efficiency is an effective and responsible appreciation of heritage vector.