ENEOR - Industry

ENEOR, with its expertise, performs specific audits aimed for industries to optimize the energy efficiency of facilities and processes

Technical studies proposed by ENEOR conform to BP X30-120 repository:

  • energy optimization of processes;
  • Optimization of thermal energy systems:

1) Production of heat and/or cold :         

*    Boilers - Cogeneration ( combustion engines, turbines)
*    Trigeneration ( CHP + cold production );
*    Absorption and adsorption machines - Biomass Combustion;
*    Groups positive cold - Groups negative cold

2) Fluids :

*    Hot water - superheated water - Air - moist air;
*    Steam (saturated, superheated ) - Thermal Oil
*    Gas - Refrigerants (monophasic and biphasic)

3) Methane Project: solid, liquid effluents

4) Distribution and Control Systems:

*    hydraulic networks - Performance Network
*    Monitoring and control systems

• Optimization of compressed air systems;

• Optimization of electric motors represent approximately 70% of the electricity consumed by the industry : high efficiency motors ; inverter;

• Propose different scenarios to improve energetic devices based on their rate of return and their investment amount;

• Analyze existing energy performance from measurement campaigns on facilities ( metrology );

• Make a price optimization : renegotiation of the connection contract Erdf , decreased power connection subscribed (gas, oil , electricity);

• Assist you to choose the best technical and economic compromise.

Metrology is an essential component in the audits entrusted to us and allows us to draw the level of quality of energy flows and define improvements.

ENEOR performs energy optimization in industries based on the principle of l’Pinch Analysis (also called the Pinch Method).

ENEOR has expertise and performance tools enabling it to intervene on various industrial sectors (food processing, steel , textile, paper , ...) and to offer technical improvement solutions tailored to your needs.

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