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Software tools

IES Virtual Environment is a suite of software for dynamic thermal simulations. ENEOR uses this tool, which assists in the design of energy systems, as part of its complex dynamic thermal simulations and in drawing up a Measurement and Verification plan. The modules used are:

  • ModelIT: 3D modelling module
  • ApacheSim: Computing module for dynamic thermal simulations
  • ApHVAC: Module for designing ventilation systems
  • Radiance: Computing module for graduating and quantifying reductions in consumption
  • SunCast : Module for calculating solar benefits, assessing shading relating to the environment, testing solar protection devices

                                   3D modelling                                                      HVAC systems


DesignBuilder is a piece of software for dynamic thermal modelling and simulations. It is used by ENEOR as part of its thermal studies: design, sensitivity studies, energy optimisation. In addition, this piece of software can be used to carry out fluid dynamics studies (CFD).

                                        CFD calculation display


Dialux is a project creation software package for artificial lighting. It also performs natural lighting calculations and manages the interaction between artificial and natural lighting, both indoors and outdoors. ENEOR uses it as part of its lighting optimisation studies.

                                                                 Outdoor lighting study


Perrenoud is a regulatory thermal calculation software package, in accordance with the French energy efficiency regulation calculation rules. As part of its work as energy project owner, ENEOR performs the statutory calculations using this software.


Pinch analysis

ENEOR uses an industrial thermal audit software package. Capable of incorporating any type of thermal process up to average temperatures, we use pinch analysis to scale the recovery of heat from the processes

                                                                   Composite curve


ENEOR's expertise in the new energy sector allows us to conduct layout studies photovoltaic systems by making us of the PVsyst software.

                                                                        Layout study 



SIMSOL is a tool for hourly prediction of thermal performance of collective solar hot water generation installations. As part of its design studies, ENEOR uses this software package in order to scale its solar heating installations.

                                                                          Solar heating study



The RETScreen software suite is a decision support tool for assessing the generation of energy and energy savings, costs, emissions reductions, the financial viability and the risk of different renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. In particular, ENEOR uses it in drawing up its Measurement and Verification plans.

                                                                          Consumption analysis


Testo EasyClimate :

Software for processing data collected by ENEOR's metrological instruments during energy diagnosis work, which can process the parameters under assessment in detail to guide our energy optimisation studies. 


Testo IRSoft :

Software for processing data acquired using a thermal-imaging camera. It allows the user to extensively process thermography data in order to provide a range of services.